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Loss of “Canada’s Conscience”

Over the weekend, Canada lost one of its leading social activists.  After a long battle with cancer, June Callwood died on April 14th at the age of 82.

Callwood was a pretty incredible woman; she helped found over 50 social organizations addressing a variety of issues including AIDS, battered women, teen pregnancy and breast cancer.  It’s no wonder that CBC deemed her “Canada’s Conscience” and that she was known as St. June and Canada’s Mother Theresa.

Callwood was more than a humanitarian and social activist though – she was also a writer, having penned 30 books.  Her writing included ghosting autobiographies for big names such as as broadcaster Barbara Walters, film director Otto Preminger and Dr. Charles Mayo.

Just last month, Callwood became the third recipient of the Writers’ Trust Award for Distinguished Contribution.

“If any of you happens to see an injustice, you are no longer a spectator, you are a participant. And you have an obligation to do something.” ~ June Callwood 1924-2007

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