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Tales for Tots Tuesday: “Cowlick” by Christin Ditchfield, Illustrated by Rosalind Beardshaw

I was immediately attracted by the cover of Christin Ditchfield‘s Cowlick! – a bold image of a toddler’s face with a look of surprise and one major cowlick!

The brightly coloured imagesĀ  will attract, and keep, the attention of young children as will the simple rhyming.

Cowlick! is a story about two little boys who wake up with, you guessed it, cowlicks! While the little boys are asleep a cow sneaks into their room and plants a kiss…Sluuurrpp…Sluuurrpp…Cowlick! The cow sneaks off before she’s caught and the little boys wake up with “Once-flat hair now standing tall”.

I think there’s a bit of a missed opportunity within the story. TheĀ  “Sluuurrpp…Sluuurrpp…” is very popular with kids and they thrive on repetition so an additional slurp or two wouldn’t have gone amiss.

The reading level for Cowlick! is stated as Ages 4-8 but I’d say it’s more suited to very young children, in the 18 months to 3 years age range. The bright pictures and short story will hold their attention and the slurping will be sure to get a few giggles out of them.

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