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Tales for Tots Tuesday: I Love You So Much by Carl Norac

Lola the hamster wakes up with special words on her tongue. She wants to say them but Daddy is off to work, Mommy is too busy, the bus is too noisy and the teacher is holding another child. All day long the words build up in Lola, puffing up her cheeks as they try to come out.

Poor Lola gets more and more frustrated throughout the day as she can’t say her special words. By the time she’s back at home with Mommy and Daddy, she’s too annoyed to say anything. But when prompted by her parents, Lola bursts out with “I love you, I love you! I love you so much!

The words work their magic and Lola receives hugs and kisses.

Snuggled up in bed, Lola is happy and contented and feels the words on her tongue ready for the next day.

Carl Norac does a really good job of expressing the frustration a small child feels when they have something important to say but lack the opportunity to say it. Claude Dubois‘ charming illustrations clearly show the emotions in Lola’s face – everything from sleepiness, dismay and annoyance, right to utter glee. (Nothing beats the scowling face of Lola as she is sulking though!)

I Love You So Much is a sweet little story that reminds us as adults that sometimes little kids need to say something that is very important to them. It also provides a good opportunity to say, “I love you” for no particular reason at all, just because you do.

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