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Tales for Tots Tuesday: Stanley’s Party by Linda Bailey, Illustrated by Bill Slavin

Stanley is a good dog but his people go out a lot and don’t return until midnight. Even a good dog can go astray in such circumstances.

First Stanley gingerly sits on the couch. “The couch was wonderful!”

Then Stanley does what he’s seen his people do – listen to music, get food from the fridge.

Stanley is having oh so much fun!

But Stanley’s people are still out all the time and he’s lonely. So while visiting the dog park one day, Stanley invites his friends over to share in his fun. First it’s just Alice, then Oscar and before Stanley knows it, he’s extended the invitation to Mabel, Digger and Gassy Jack as well.

Well, news of Stanley’s party gets out in the dog neighbourhood and not only do Stanley’s friends show up but also some strangers. “Stanley wasn’t worried. ‘The more the merrier!’ he said.”

It’s the “best dog-gone party a dog ever had!” That is until Stanley’s people arrive home early and find canine chaos in their home.

After two days of helping to clean up the house, Stanley has learned his lesson and so have his people – they never leave Stanley alone again.

But the legend of Stanley’s party lives on!

Linda Bailey’s engaging text and Bill Slavin’s playful and funny images are a perfect combination in Stanley’s Party.  You can’t help but laugh out loud at Stanley’s laying belly-up on the couch and dancing about the house.

Bailey’s description of Stanley’s first climbing up onto the couch will ring familiar with any pet owner as will his innocent greeting upon his owners’ return.

This is a book that adults will enjoy reading to children. The humor appeals to all ages as do the colourful and detailed images.

I highly recommend Stanley’s Party particularly for  kids in the 4 to 7 years old range. (And you’ll hope the lesson from the story sticks with your children through the teen years!!)

If you find that you become of a big Stanley fan, Linda Bailey and Bill Slavin have also published Stanley’s Wild Ride and Stanley at Sea.  (Stanley’s Beauty Contest is coming next month!!)

You can even print off Stanley stickers at the Kids Can Press site!

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