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Inkheart the Movie is Better Than the Book

According to a film review in the Tapei Times, the film adaptation of Inkheart is better than the book.

Staff reporter Ian Bartholomew writes:

“… there is lots of good acting, a splendid plot and a string of mildly funny literary jokes (referencing The Wizard of Oz, Peter Pan and Sinbad the Sailor) mean that there is plenty to be getting on with.

So without giving away any more of the story, Inkheart can be recommended wholeheartedly as ideal Lunar New Year viewing for the whole family. One or two sequences might be upsetting for very young children, but on the whole the mood is playful rather than frightening, and its loosely allegorical treatment of a reader’s relationship with the books gives it some depth as well.”

I’ve never read Inkheart so if I see the movie, I won’t be able to judge which is better. If you have read the book and do see the movie, I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts.

Inkheart opens in theatres on Friday, January 23.

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