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I spent the morning getting signed up on Twitter. As AbeBooks’ resident technophobe (yes, I know I work for an internet company but still….), I have been putting off this day for a long, long time. People have been telling me about Twitter for eons and I’ve smiled politely and quickly changed the subject. Then Shauna at BookFinder went on and I’m not going to let her beat me, especially as I’m supposed to be Abe’s PR person.

My first impression – blimey, people make contact/tweet very quickly. There are some very welcoming folks on there. Lots of publishers too. Lots of book folks. A few authors. I feel I have a lot to learn but I know we heard about John Updike’s death earlier this week through Twitter and that was 15 minutes before Associated Press posted the news. I know Neil Gaiman was twittering about winning the Newbery Award for children’s literature.

There have been several major newspaper articles about Twitter in recent times and I’m sure it’s going to become bigger and bigger, and expand beyond the early adopting tech community.

My next question is how much time should I devote to Twittering?

God, I hope I don’t become addicted. (Find AbeBooks on Twitter here.)

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