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Tales for Tots Tuesday: Peepo! by Janet & Allan Ahlberg

Peepo! by Janet & Allen Ahlberg

Peepo! by Janet & Allan Ahlberg (also called Peek-a-Boo!) is one of my favorite books for the baby to young toddler range. Publishers wisely went the practical route and in addition to standard paper editions, made it available as a board book for durability in itty-bitty (sticky) hands.

The illustrations are reminiscent of 1930s/1940s Britain and are full of details that you can discover with your little readers.

The story of a baby’s day is told in rhyme:

Here’s a little baby
One, two, three
Stands in his cot (or Sits in his high chair etc.)
What does he see?

A series of holes captioned with “PEEPO!” give a peek at the next page, giving a hint to what’s there and what the baby sees. Turn the page and the hole frames the baby while you read what the baby sees.

The rhyming text, the fabulous illustrations and the element of peek-a-book surprise make Peepo! an enjoyable book to read to little ones and it is sure the appeal to the littlest book lovers in your family.

Here’s a little baby
One, two, three
Fast asleep and dreaming
What did he see?

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