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Shortest book titles

It was announced yesterday that Stephen King has a new book coming out exclusively on the Kindle 2. He is calling the book Ur, and I, for one, think the title sucks.

It’s too short, non-descriptive, and a pain in the ass to find using an internet search owing to the fact that you end up getting all sorts of other words mixed in like measURe, pastURe, pleasURe, and URanium.

I would try and give him a break but it’s not even his first offence, what kind of a title is IT. Even when he pushes past that two-letter wall his titles leave something to be desired: Misery, Desperation, and Insomnia also reek of apathy… it’s like he just opened a dictionary at random, and chucked a dart at the page.

However I really shouldn’t complain about King so much, as always things could be worse, here I found a list of the Shortest Book Titles.

Authors using one letter titles:
a, Andy Warhol; Thomas Pynchon V
C, Maurice Baring;
C, Anthony Cave Brown;
E, Matt Beaumont ;
G, John Berger;
H, Elizabeth Shepard;
H., Lin Haire-Sargeant;
K, Mary Roberts Rinehart;
K., Ronald Hayman;
M, John Sack;
N, Louis Edwards;
O, Omari Grandberry;
P, Andrew Lewis Conn;
Q, Luther Blissett;
S., John Updike;
V, Thomas Pynchon;
X, Sue Coe;
Y, Brian Vaughn

Can you name a GOOD two-letter book title? Send us a comment if you can.

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