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Wee Ones Wednesday: Daisy and the Monster by Jane Simmons

Wee Ones Wednesdays are what happen when there’s a delay with Tales for Tots Tuesdays!

daisy-monster-beastie-jane-simmonsJane Simmons’ Daisy and the Monster was originally titled as Daisy and the Beastie and more copies seem to be available under the original name.

Daisy is a bright yellow duckling who along with her little brother, Pip (a duckling who still has the darker feathers on his back) listen to a story about a Monster that was never found.  When Grandpa, who told the story,  falls asleep, Daisy and Pip set off to find the Monster.

As the duo search the farm, they meet up with different animals who make their own unique sounds. But Daisy and Pip hear a noise that they haven’t heard before coming from the shed. The sound gets louder and the two rush off to inform Grandpa that they’ve found the Monster.

Grandpa laughs as two little kittens appear from the shed. “…and Daisy and Pip played with the kitten monsters all day long.”

The book is good for very young children as it teaches them animal sounds and they’ll enjoy associating the sounds with the appropriate animals. There’s also the message that often what we believe to be monsters are simply things that we don’t know or haven’t seen yet and are really nothing to be afraid of.

I love the illustrations throughout the book and I’ll admit, a couple of the pictures of Daisy and Pip made me laugh out loud.

Overall a cute story – a good read with a good message. I’ll be sure to check out Simmons’ other Daisy books too!

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