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Tuff-Writer Tactical Pens


I was going to say “I’m speechless”, but then I thought instead of saying (in my best movie-preview-guy voiceover voice):

“They already said the pen was mightier than the sword. Now, the Tactical Pen from Tuff-writer shows them all how very, very right they were.”

*cue feisty music, maybe with trumpets*

The pens come in many models with names like Frontline Series: “Stealth Black”, “Sniper Gray” or “Desert Brown”. If they need another name, I’d like to throw my hat in and suggest “Morning Napalm”.

And while the site doesn’t exactly state clearly that it’s a pen for stabbing people…I’m pretty sure it’s a pen for stabbing people.

Taken from the FAQ:

Q: Why do I need a tactical / defense pen?

A: Because it’s a dangerous world out there and the price of being unprepared is just too high. With the growth of non-permissive environments (places where guns, knives, pepper-sprays and sharp sticks are prohibited) people’s options for personal defense tools are becoming more limited all the time. Tactical flashlights and defense pens are multi-use tools which can and should be carried at all times. Their multi-use nature limits restrictions as well as excuses for not having them when you need them most.

Q: Couldn’t I just carry a knife?

A: The Tuff-Writer isn’t designed to be a replacement for a knife. It isn’t designed to replace a flashlight either. It’s a supplemental tool which soon becomes an essential piece of gear for any prepared individual. Afterall, even the best knife isn’t doing you much good when you have to leave it behind in your car / home.

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