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Day 3 – Boe Rushing reports from Colorado Antiquarian Book Seminar

Boe Rushing reports from the Colorado Antiquarian Book Seminar – it’s day three. (Hey, Boe – great blogging – you’re relentless)


Most everyone here has now caught up with their sleep and adjusted to the altitude. That was a good thing because we covered a lot of material today. The first session was on bibliographic description and taught by Steven Smith, the Associate Dean for Collections and Services at Texas A&M University. His personality kept a dry subject entertaining and informative.

handmade-paperAt 10:30, Rob, Kevin, Tom and Greg Gibson with Ten Pound Island Book Co., discussed how to Catalog a book. They all had good suggestions both on modern and much older books. After lunch Steven gave the second part of his presentation on bibliograpic description. We were all given full sheets of handmade paper to fold, cut and assemble a small book. It was a unique experience.

paul-and-his-dickensAfter a break we had a workshop on book descriptions. Each of us was given a book, along with a corresponding reference book as the faculty wandered around giving advice. Half of the class, like myself, were given modern books, while the other half were given older books to describe. Paul, sitting next to me was given a first edition Charles Dickens in its original parts. It was one of the nicer books either of us had handled. I couldn’t help myself.

Next Barry Spence gave an informative talk on preservation and preservation. About half of the class went to a local bookstore tonight for a session on operating a bookstore. The other half, myself included, had the night off. I ended up in a Nepalese restaurant downtown with four other dealers. Good times.


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