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Funny (Awkward Family Photos) and Sad (John Hughes)

It’s Frivolous Friday again, folks, the one day I allow myself the luxury of posting a blog item or two that may not be entirely book-related, purely for enjoyment, when I think something needs to be shared. Today we have a funny and a sad.


If you’ve never seen Awkward Family Photos, now is the time. There aren’t really words to describe how well this blog works for a laugh. Really, it’s just a selection of awkward family photos (so it’s not just a clever name), all presented together in one glorious collection of hilarity. Some are very painful. Here are just a few of my favourite gems:




Ahahahaa. It makes me so happy. THERE’S A POSSUM IN THERE. That one’s like a Deliverance family reunion. Awkward, and a little frightening.

Also, so much denim. Also, don’t sit on that cannon that way, especially in a skirt. For the readers who may have missed this fact – it looks somewhat suggestive. Also, stackable inmates?!? What’s with the weird domino family? And most importantly – oh, Clarinet Kid, I love you most of all. You look so happy inside your head, but wear a sombre face to the outside world. It’s okay, little clown. Your imagination marching band is safe here.

And onto the sad (but lovely) portion of our blog post, Alison on her blog (wellknowwhenwegetthere.blogspot.com) remembers John Hughes and the penpal relationship she developed with him in her adolescence, and how much she cherishes those memories. It was a really beautiful tribute to an amazing man who died much too young. It made me tear up – he really sounded like such a great guy. Enjoy.

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