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Textbook poetry – AbeBooks’ camcorder contest hots up

AbeBooks.com is currently running a textbook poetry contest with a super sexy high definition camcorder up for grabs. After just a week, we have received many entries – we’ll be posting selection of the poems at regular intervals. Thanks to everyone who has entered so far. I’m impressed – North America’s students are making a huge effort with poems from the heart, the wallet, and some other places too.

Shelly at University of North Dakota

Cheap textbooks are the bomb!
I get mine at AbeBooks.com

Mesceille at Merritt College

“An Ode to Abe”

Cheap textbooks are my thing
With the leftover savings
I can buy some bling
One for the money
Two for the show
Three to get ready
Now don’t be slow
My fingers are quick
As I look up the name
But nobody’s better
Than AbeBooks at this game
So get on your starter
Don’t be shy
Time to search for books
And, buy buy buy
AbeBooks, hear my shout
You’re the best
Day in, day out.

Jim at University of St. Thomas

I never give new textbooks
Second looks.
I always buy used textbooks
From AbeBooks.

Madeline at Bethel University

I love cheap textbooks.
They are the best deal for me,
Because I am poor.

Vicki at Western New Mexico University

Cheap textbooks
new, used
search, click, buy
“Never pay full price.”

Bo at University of Ottawa

I got it cheap
I got it right,
I got it from AbeBooks site!

Courtney from Yale

“The Budget meets The Two-Book Reading List”

Two texts on linguistics,
The theory and practice:
One research, the other one doctrinal.
Six-hundred pages
On syntax and form
(I learned later those chapters were optional.)

On the book jacket flap
Of the hardcover back,
The ISBN seems innocuous.
But the barcode below
Stands for money we owe,
And those numbers may come as a shock to us.

Ninety-five dollars!
Two Hundred! Then three!
These pages cost more than they should.
They’re not golden-dusted;
They’re not jewel-encrusted;
They’re simply cloth binding on wood.

I don’t undervalue
The knowledge, the balm,
For my intellect and for my psyche
That these books will impart—
Still, I’d relish that art
If a re-read were slightly more likely.

Perhaps they’ll be referenced,
Sporadically paged,
Perhaps they’ll look smart on my shelf.
But if stores were confounded,
Cheap textbooks abounded,
I’d buy more than one for myself.

Kimberly at Santa Monica College

Buying textbooks every semester was oh so depressing.
I’d rather spend the money on shoes, jewelry, and pretty dresses.
My poor innocent debit card used to cringe and whimper in fear, when I
registered for classes because it knew book buying time was near.
The school book store was a joke, everything priced so high.
Even a used textbook cost one hundred dollars and it was from 1985!

Then I had a bright idea to see what I can find online, and I stumbled
upon AbeBooks.com, and man what a find!
They had every textbook I needed for literally half the price,
The website was student friendly and I got my books in no time.
I no longer have to resort to things like selling my blood, or a
kidney, cause’ thanks to AbeBooks.com from now on it’s cheap textbooks for me.
I’ve told all my classmates that their days of ramen noodles are gone,
Because we can all buy cheap textbooks at AbeBooks.com

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