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Alain de Botton to write book about Heathrow Airport

If you have never ‘travelled’ through Heathrow Airport then this news won’t interest you. Heathrow Airport is like the travel version of Hell. A) It’s actually bigger than Hell, B) Hell has better signage, C) The staff in Hell are politer, D) And the line-ups to get through security and into Hell are shorter.

Oh how I smiled when British Airways bumped me off a flight to Dusseldorf one time because it was overbooked. Oh how I giggled when I lost my car in a car park bigger than Berkshire. Oh how I grinned when my baggage ended up in Barcelona when I was going to New York.

I’ve always loved to hear how tourists and foreigners think Heathrow is in central London for them to discover it’s miles away in the suburbs (wait until they find out where Gatwick, amusingly called London Gatwick, is). In a previous job in the 1990s, I spent many a long hour marooned at Heathrow Airport while IRA bomb threats closed the whole place.

Anyway, Alain de Botton to going to write book about Heathrow Airport, says the Daily Telegraph, and I’ll probably read it.

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