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Herta Müller awarded Nobel Literature Prize

The Nobel Prize for Literature has once again been awarded to an author who is not American. Herta Müller, the Romanian-born writer and poet who is now a German citizen, has been awarded the prize for her work, much of which concerns the harsh life in Romania under the dictator Nicolae Ceausescu.

Her first published book was a collection of short stories, Niederungen. It was censored by the government for being critical of the Ceausescu regime. The University of Nebraska Press published the book as Nadirs in 1999.

children-of-ceausecuHer second published work, in 1984, was called Drückender Tango, the translations are called Oppressive Tango. Muller moved to West Germany in 1987 and she currently lives in Berlin.

A few other options for English readers include
The Passport (1989)
Traveling on One Leg (1992)
The Land of Green Plums (1996)
Traveling on One Leg (1998)
The Appointment (2001)
Children of Ceausescu (2002)

There is a very obscure academic work about Herta Muller by Brigid Haines. The book, called Herta Muller, contains 10 previously unpublished short texts by Muller with an interview and a biography. Six essays by British and German academics interpret her key texts in detail and assess vital aspects of Muller’s work.

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