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OMG! Twilight Barbie?!

Twilight Barbie DollsI’m not a huge fan of Barbie nor of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series so this truly is a vampire nightmare for me – Twilight Barbie dolls are now available.

The Bella Swan doll is typical of any “new” Barbie. It’s the same face, same unrealistic body type just with brown plastic hair and, I’ll admit, a better outfit than a lot I’ve seen.  The Edward Cullen doll however, is a bit more distinct and not so Ken-like.   The doll is very pale skinned and has the signature heart-shaped jaw line of actor Robert Pattinson.

Alas, if your preferece is for Jacob over Edward in the New Moon love triangle, you’re out of luck – at this time, there is no Jacob in Barbieville.

If you’re a Twilight fan, I am happy for you. If you’re  parent having to buy the dolls for gifts, I’m sorry.

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