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Stunning Papercraft/Book art video

Sometimes, life sucks. It can be difficult or dreary, monotonous or mountainous, but regardless of the specifics, “sometimes life sucks” is a pretty accurate statement for anybody, I think.

I’ve always appreciated the ability of a book to alleviate that, for me, without any of the nasty side effects of drugs, alcohol, skydiving without a parachute, gambling etcetera. If I’m in the right frame of mind/mood for it, a good book can transport me thoroughly out of my own reality into dusty deserts, lush African veldts, wild west saloons, gritty depression-era streets – anywhere, into a story so separate from mine as to be instantly fascinating.

A book still makes you work for it, giving you the sparks to let your imagination shape faces and places and smells and sounds from details and words. Reading makes us more open-minded, more empathetic, more curious about the world around us and the experiences of other people. A new world at our fingertips between every new cover.

I think this stop-motion video effectively lends physicality to that concept, through the use of some of the most intricate, minute and beautiful architecture I’ve ever seen. The vocal effects are, regrettably, pretty badly done and hard to hear, but it’s still a cool concept, and beautifully presented.

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