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Moby Dick meets Rockwell Kent on the dinner table


Imagine eating your dessert off Moby Dick? Not the huge whale or even the epic book but an 18-piece set of dinnerware featuring pictorial illustrations of Herman Melville’s nautical creation. Check out this wonderful dinner set designed by artist and writer Rockwell Kent and produced by Los Angeles-based Vernon Kilns between 1938 and 1940.

You could probably have the ultimate literary dinner party with these plates and dishes but since the asking price is $1,250 you wouldn’t bring it out for every Tom, Dick and Harry.

The bookseller offering them for sale is the excellent Bromer Books from Boston. Their listing tells us “Kent is especially known for his illustrations, which convey a sense of excitement and adventure. In 1930, Kent designed the book jacket and 280 illustrations for an edition of Melville’s classic novel, and these later served as the inspiration for the dinnerware designs. According to Maxine Feek Nelson, Moby Dick was the most popular dinnerware set that Kent designed for Vernon Kilns. The bottom of each piece is stamped with the name of the pattern, Rockwell Kent’s signature, and Vernon Kilns.”

Bromer also have a 5-piece set for sale at $750.


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