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Fanny Hill’s Cook Book – Book of the Day

fanny-hills-cook-bookEvery now and again, I come across a book that stops me in my tracks. Fanny Hill’s Cook Book by Lionel H. Braun and William Adams was that book today. Illustrated by Brian Forbes with a memorable cover, the book was published in 1971. I love the descriptions by the bookseller’s offering it for sale.

“If a cookbook can have a rating, this would have an R-Rating. Quirky erotic book with real recipes written with sexual innuendos about the ingredients or the construction of the recipe. Every recipe takes two pages because of the big sketch of a BIG bosomed woman in a suggestive pose,” writes Maze Books in California.

“The instructions are uncensored. The recipes are highly spiced. The drawings are superbly decadent. The book is beautifully shocking or marvelously funny, as you prefer,” writes On The Road Bookshop in Connecticut.

Apparently, the recipes include Whores d’Oeuvres, Hot Bitch in a Blanket and Fellatio Mignon. What a gem! What would John Cleland, creator of Fanny Hill in Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure back in 1748, think of this book?

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