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Positions in Bed

All kinds of unusual positions

All kinds of unusual positions

When I’m reading in bed (which occurs, roughly, every night), I lie stretched out flat on my stomach, propped up on my elbows, with the book in front of me, between my hands. Somehow, I unspokenly assumed other people read like this, too, until I mentioned to my coworker Julie that I had sore elbows because the book I was reading (Three Day Road by Joseph Boyden) was so good that I’d been reading a lot more per night than usual. She made a confused face, and when we got into it, she informed me that when she reads in bed, she reads on her side, propping her face/head on one hand. My coworker Richard is a side-reader, too (should I be revealing these intimate details about people without permission?).

Since discovering I’m weird, I’ve asked around and have found many people who sit up, against the headboard or a pillow or two, and prop the book on their knees. Many side-readers. But no tummy-reader-elbow-proppers like me. Am I so strange?

How do you read, when you read in bed?

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