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The Golden Mean’s bum rap ban from BC Ferries

the-golden-meanI love banned books stories. Here’s a cracker from our neck of the woods here in British Columbia that I spotted in The Province newspaper. BC Ferries has banned The Golden Mean by Annabel Lyon from its on-board shops because the cover features a naked arse. Check out the cover – as you can see, it’s a very nice naked bottom and the horse’s naked arse isn’t bad either.

BC Ferries is concerned because children may see this cover. Oh the horror! As a father of four-year-old and eight-year-old girls, I can vouch that children wouldn’t give a flying fig about about the arse on this book cover. I’m almost tempted to sneak into one of their bookshops and place a book with a really offensive cover (and trust me, I see plenty in this job) on their shelves.

I find this nonsense somewhat ironic as I had an eyeful of real flesh on my last BC Ferries journey. I travel on BC Ferries a great deal and just eight days ago, I was on a ship going from Vancouver to Victoria. It was sunny and we were sitting outside at the back of the boat in an area, which is effectively a sun trap. Lots of people were there – tourists, the legions of old retired people, hordes of holidaying families and so on. There was one young pretty lady who was also there enjoying the sun. She was wearing her Lululemon trousers and a bikini top. A few minutes into the voyage, she stripped off the trousers and was sunbathing in just her bikini top and bottoms. British Columbia thinks it’s a liberal place but in reality it’s pretty conservative here. After hearing the Annabel Lyon story, I’m surprised a jobsworth didn’t come along and tell Ms Bikini to get her kit back on.

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