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Nevada bookbinder still going strong

I can’t say I am familiar with the Nevada Appeal newspaper but it has a lovely article about the Jurey’s Bookbinding Services. It’s an interesting read.

The Jureys’ workshop in Wellington, 65 miles from Carson City, is stacked with projects including several very old, large and lavishly illustrated family Bibles with embossed leather covers and gold leaf decorations. They sit on and around the tools of his trade including hand-cranked presses, cutters, drills and cases of different fonts of type — some of them more than 100 years old.

One massive Bible sits on a workbench, its covers tattered and broken, the yellowing, brittle pages separating so badly it looks more like a stack of old paper than a book.

“There are an awful lot of hours in one of these,” Jurey said. “The first thing I’ll do is take it completely apart down to the pages. We’ll save the cover. Then I’ll re-sew the signatures.”

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