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Speak Loudly: The Battle to Silence Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson

speak-laurie-halse-andersonAccording to landslides of testimonials all over the internet, Laurie Halse Anderson’s young adult novel, Speak has given countless women, adults and teenagers alike the courage to come forward about their experiences with sexual assault.

Speak is about a teenager’s struggle with silence after she’s raped at an end-of-summer party. Locked in her own head, the story details her attempts to cope with and make sense of what happened to her, and finally to find her voice and confront the truth.

While the book is critically-acclaimed and has very vocal fans, not everyone is supportive of the novel. A Missouri State University professor by the name of Wesley Scroggins wrote an article entitled: Scroggins: Filthy books demeaning to Republic education, encouraging parents to be on the vigilant lookout for the materials, including Anderson’s book, which he states are “material that should be classified as soft pornography.”

Certainly no stranger to uproar over her own books, celebrated adult of young adult books Judy Blume has joined the ranks of people reaching out and speaking up across the internet in support of Speak.

On her blog, in a post titled The Power of Speaking Loudly, Anderson talks about her awe at the way people rallied around her and came together to fight censorship during this, banned book week.

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