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Author-Inspired Scented Candles

candleLet it be known that:

1) I think this is silly.
2) I am often in favour of silliness.

Now that you have some background, the business at hand is this: apparently, you can now buy candles whose scents are reminiscent of various authors.

Yes, really, author-scented candles.

The original scents are Edgar Allan Poe (a mix of patchouli, absinthe and sandalwood), Jane Austen (gardenia, tuberose and jasmine) Henry Thoreau (a blend of cedar, moss and juniper) Walt Whitman (grass, thyme and clover), and Charles Dickens (tangerine, juniper and clove).

The extended brand suggestions made on The Afterword made me laugh, particularly the Elizabeth Gilbert, “redolent of frankincense, garlic and mild entitlement”. I really love the accompanying drawings, too. Look at Martin Amis’ face. So perfectly glowering and craggy. The Alice Munro is fantastic, too – the kindness in the eyes is just right.

If more were going to be created, I’d have to suggest the Hunter S. Thompson (motor oil, marijuana smoke and the paranoid sweat of The Fear).

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