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American Grown: Michelle Obama’s Vegetable Garden

A few years ago when Barack Obama was first elected, we heard he and Mrs. Obama were planning to plant a vegetable garden, and did a little feature recommending vegetable gardening books for the Obamas.

Three years later, it seems they might have taken our advice, as first lady Michelle Obama has a book set for release in April 2012 called American Grown: How the White House Kitchen Garden Inspires Families, Schools, and Communities, which talks about childhood obesity and the importance of affordable, nutritionally sound food in schools for children.

Through telling the story of the White House Kitchen Garden, First Lady Michelle Obama explores how increased access to healthful, affordable food can promote better eating habits and improve health for families and communities across America.

Mrs. Obama will describe how Sasha and Malia were the catalysts for change for their family’s eating behavior which inspired her national initiative to address childhood obesity and resulted in the idea to plant a vegetable garden on the South Lawn, the first since Eleanor Roosevelt’s Victory Garden. American Grown will be inspirational and instructive and will provide ideas for readers to get involved and join the movement to create community gardens, support local farmers markets, create school gardens, and start urban gardens, as well as other ways that they can make small changes to achieve big results and create healthy eating habits.

Since entering the White House, Mrs. Obama has emerged as a passionate advocate for healthful eating and exercise. In February 2010 she launched Let’s Move!, a nationwide initiative to address the epidemic of childhood obesity by empowering parents and caregivers with information, improving food quality in schools, increasing access to healthy, affordable food, and encouraging increased physical activity.

American Grown will speak to these issues which Mrs. Obama has strongly advocated for, in particular, making better food choices. It will also include practical ideas, recipes, and resources as well as tips on how to begin a garden of any size, anywhere and how to support local farmers’ markets.

Filled with gorgeous full-color photography, American Grown will include stunning photos of the White House garden and Mrs. Obama throughout the seasons, as well as other community and school gardens from around the country.

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