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Happy Birthday Thomas Jefferson Snodgrass

Mr. Thomas Jefferson Snodgrass, aka Mark Twain would have turned 176 today.  In honor of his birthday here are five interesting facts about Mark Twain:

  1. Mark Twain’s real name was Samuel Clemens. That’s pretty well known. But did you know his middle name was Langhorne?
  2. In 1857 at age 22, Clemens decided he wanted to be a steamboat pilot. He studied the Mississippi River for two years before receiving his license in 1859. He continued to pilot steamboats until 1861, when the civil war broke out.
  3. The pseudonym Mark Twain, meant “two fathoms deep” on the Mississippi, and was called out on the steamboat to indicate the boat was in sufficiently deep water. Clemens first used the name in a publication on February 3, 1863, in a piece he contributed to the Virginia City Territorial Enterprise.
  4. Twain was a fan of pen names early on in his career. Some of the more memorable names include W. Epaminandos Adrastus Blab and Thomas Jefferson Snodgrass.
  5. Twain was interested in parapsychology; he predicted the timing of his own death with some accuracy and he foresaw his brother Henry’s death in a vivid and detailed dream (which came to pass).

Read more about Mr Blab here.


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