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Who is Philip Carter? Altar of Bones author

Who is Philip Carter, the author of Altar of Bones? asks The Independent. Altar of Bones is a thriller based upon a global conspiracy but the real mystery is the identity of the author. Philip Carter is a pseudonym and the book is selling well.

No more clues have been given as to its authorship. Even the editorial director at Simon & Schuster, who has been in email contact with Carter, claims not to be in on the secret. All we know is that he or she has written before, under another name, and sold a lot of books. There is no other hint to help us narrow down contenders, although this has not stopped a list of possible authors emerging on internet posts and reviews, with Brown, Robert Ludlum and Harlan Coben among them. Some are questioning the gender – could it be a woman, writing in a crime and espionage genre largely commanded by male writers?

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