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Introducing BiblioCupid – the new dating service for booklovers

Today AbeBooks is launching a new service for its customers. Introducing BiblioCupid – our new dating service for lonely lovers of literature where AbeBooks matches customers according to their taste in books.

BiblioCupid uses a complex love algorithm that matches bibliophiles according to the books they have bought on AbeBooks. Although the exact formula is a strict business secret, the algorithm incorporates preferences for genres, writers, publishers, illustrators, hard or softcover, new or used, and other key elements important to bookish people.

The love algorithm is expected to revolutionize dating in the literary world.

A six-month pilot program has resulted in two marriages so far – Sebastian Defoe and Stacey Spillane (pictured right), and Bruce Blyton and Annabel Michener (pictured below). AbeBooks believes BiblioCupid has the potential to help many more couples hear wedding bells in the future.

To learn more about BiblioCupid and to sign up, click here.

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