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Video: Ray Bradbury On Why We Need Books

The late, so great Ray Bradbury on why we need books, why we need art, why we need the fantasy and escape and imagination.

There is also some fascinating information about the making of the film adaptation of The Illustrated Man.

“We need artists. We need people like myself, who take hold of a piece of reality and say ‘This is what it is.’ We’ve saved up a tension for tears, so I as a writer come along and try to help you to cry, at the right time. We save up a tension of laughter – perhaps for our silly politicians – I come along as a writer and help you to laugh. We save up tensions of murdering. The wonderful fact about civilization is that most people do not murder. That most of us are peace-loving, that we do make do in the best sense. So I come along with a story, and enable you for an hour to murder, so that the next day you don’t have to do it in reality. Nietzsche puts it beautifully: ‘We have art, that we do not die of reality.’ Reality is too much with us.”

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