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Mourning Maeve Binchy

Beloved and well-known Irish author Maeve Binchy has died at the age of 72 after a brief illness, according to The Guardian.  Binchy was celebrated for her humor, and her vivid depiction of life in Ireland, as well as the warmth in her writing around friendship and family. One of her best-known books, Circle of Friends, was adapted into a sweet film starring Minnie Driver in 1995. Ten years later, a film was made of her novel Tara Road, as well, starring Andie McDowell.

Her first novel, Light a Penny Candle, was released in 1982. She wrote 14 more novels throughout her career, with the most recent, Minding Frankie, released just two years ago in 2010.

People mourn her worldwide today, with fans and literary figures alike sharing their memories and thoughts via Twitter. Author Ian Rankin tweeted:

 “Maeve Binchy was a gregarious, larger than life, ebullient recorder of human foibles and wonderment. I’m taking a drink to her.”

For those mourning not only the woman and the person, but also the skill and knowledge she takes with her, don’t worry – she did leave behind some secrets to share about being a writer, and how to write a good book.

“With writing, the secret is to set yourself down, and do not stand up until you have five pages written. And you do that again another day of the week. And then if you can do ten pages a week, then you have 520 pages at the end of the year. And you don’t give yourself time off for Christmas, or Easter, or Labor Day….”

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