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Marjorie Celona Interview

Marjorie Celona – if you haven’t heard the name before, remember you heard it here first, because she is going places. The Victoria, British Columbia-born author is on a launch tour for her debut novel right now. Simply titled Y, the novel has already generated all kinds of literary buzz, earned legions of devoted fans, and been nominated for the Giller Prize.

It tells the story of Shannon, born to a mother in the midst of turmoil and subsequently left behind at the door of the YMCA, where a man is quietly watching from his vehicle. The story is gripping from the get-go, and very hard to put down, as readers and critics far and wide have agreed.

Just 31 years old, one might expect Celona to be head-in-the-clouds giddy with all the attention, but she remains firmly rooted to the ground and down-to-Earth. We got to catch up with her and hear all about her sense of belonging, growing up on Vancouver Island, her favorite books, and how it is essential to work with a dog at (or on) one’s feet. Read on for an interview with Marjorie Celona.

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