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Beth’s Best Reads of 2012

What was that whooshing sound, and why is my hair all ruffled? Ah yes, that must be 2012 flying by at the speed of light. How can it be almost 2013 already? It seems just yesterday we were nervously joking about the Mayan calendar, and now here we (still) are. Can it truly be that one short year ago, I had never heard the words Fifty Shades of Grey (I know it was actually first published in 2011, but it didn’t emerge from the depths and reach me until March, 2012.) ?

I admit this was not my most plentiful year for reading. I didn’t read as many books as I wanted. I know exactly why, too, and can narrow it down to a two-word culprit: smart phone. Yes it’s true, up until early this year, I had an archaic talk-and-text, with perhaps an occasional game of Tetris thrown in for good measure. This year I succumbed to the hype…

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