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20 Books for the End of the World

Well, it’s been a great 5,125 years, folks. Sure, we made some mistakes, but I like to think we’ve all learned a little, loved a little, grown a little.

And now, according to some, we are in the end of days. Some of those inclined toward the prophecies believe that this Friday, December 21st, the world will undergo catastrophic and catacylsmic events that could involve a planetary collision; a black hole; countless simultaneous and ongoing earthquakes, fires, floods, storms and tsunamis, and more. Other interpretations of this chapter of the Mayan Long Count calendar instead interpret the findings to signal a transformative shift the world will undergo, and the beginning of a new, perhaps enlightened era. I tend to like this interpretation better, particularly as I’ve already finished my holiday shopping.

Regardless, whether you believe the 21st will bring fire and brimstone, peace and understanding, or merely Friday and a lot of people looking mildly nervous, it’s good to be prepared. And around these parts, that means arming yourself with books. Boredom is the enemy, and we, as booklovers, will read until the end.

We have you covered with this selection of apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction – the perfect books for the end of the world. From meteors to pandemics, nuclear holocaust to comets, robot rebellion to biological weapons, it’s all here. Nothing specifically about a perfect storm of Mayan armageddon, but still plenty of good stuff to go on. It’s all fiction – the non-fiction books set after the apocalypse are somewhat scarce.

So either way, whether the rumblings and rumors about the end of the world have you rolling your eyes or shaking in your boots, one can’t be too careful – don’t get caught at the end of the world without a good book.

See all 20 Books for the End of the World.

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