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Happy 10th Birthday, Perogy Cat!

The Perogy Cat was born in 2003, which makes today his 10th birthday. If you want to be specific, it is the 10th anniversary of the first Perogy Cat drawing by Gareth Gaudin. If you just went: “what?” and enjoy comics, here’s a thing you might like to know about.

Gareth Gaudin arrives at his shop on a sunny Thursday morning to welcome us, and immediately finds that some drunken hooligan has presumably leapt in the air and smacked his wooden sign, which now hangs crookedly by one side only. He reaches to adjust it, then winces and tells us he has thrown his back out by obligingly tossing his three-and-a-half-year-old daughter in the air. Still, despite injury to both back and pride, Gaudin is good-humored, cheerful and game to go after ferreting out some acetaminophen from behind the counter.

The shop, which Gaudin runs with his co-owner Lloyd Chesley, is Legends Comics and Books, found at 633 Johnson Street in the heart of downtown Victoria, BC. The pair have been in business together since 2003 – Gaudin had been at Legends for a decade, was ready to buy, and went into partnership with Chesley.

Gaudin, a long-time Victoria resident and graduate of Oak Bay High School, also draws his own comic strip, The Magic Teeth Dailies, and is the mastermind behind…

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