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The Inimitable Edward Gorey (Ogdred Weary, Regera Dowdy…)

The Google doodle today (February 25th, 2013) pays homage to American artist of the macabre and ridiculous, Edward Gorey, who would have turned 88 today. Gorey was a funny mix of the delightfully innocent and childlike and the eerie, dark and crawly.

Once you’ve seen a bit of Gorey’s work, it becomes instantly recognizable. His art was full of rich, strange characters. Pipe-thin men and women in fancy dress, cats in clothing, fantastical, mythical creatures (including one that looks like a cheerful leech with butterfly wings), treacherous villains and much, much more. One of his earliest and strangest creatures was The Doubtful Guest, a moody and stubborn creature that resembled….Read more about the Eerie Glory of Edward Gorey.

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