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Edward Gorey’s Illustrations for “The War of the Worlds”

It will be no surprise to regular readers of our blog that I am a big fan of Edward Gorey – I have written many a blog post about him, including the Edward Gorey Google doodle, The Letters of Edward Gorey and Peter F. Neumeyer, and 11 Book Covers by Edward Gorey.

You may notice that the top book on that last one is H.G. Wells’ The War of the Worlds – Edward Gorey did the cover for a 1960 edition of the book.

The Brainpickings blog has a post which gives a glimpse to see some of Gorey’s illustrations inside the book as well:

Definitely worth checking out – they are as dark and creepy as one would expect, but more devoid of whimsy than most of Gorey’s work, too. I’ve actually never read The War of the Worlds, and now that there are affordable reprints of the Gorey edition, I think I’ll pick up one of those.

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