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Prancercise: The Book by Joanna Rohrback


By now, if you are someone who finds themselves mired in internet from time to time, you may well have already experienced the joyous phenomenon that is Prancercise.

If you are yet unfamiliar, let me help you – Prancercise is much what the name implies – a fitness program that combines prancing, sashaying, cantering, trotting and more into one weirdly wonderful regime that most of us would likely be too chicken (horse?) to perform in public. The routine was inspired by horses (neigh, you say!) and pioneered by a woman named Joanna Rohrback in 1989. Prancercise never caught on back then, but a recent dusting off of the program via Youtube (and, if you ask me, a recent resurgence in the fetishization of irony) has helped sendind the video viral.

But what you may not know is that there is a Prancercise book, too, published in 2012 by Rohrback herself (who, I think it’s safe to say, has been prancing in anticipation these past 20+ years).

I actually love it and find it quite mesmerizing. I’m not sure I would ever be able to summon enough chutzpah to publicly prancercise myself, but I love her calming presence and how earnest and sincere she is in her love of prancing. They say the key to sticking to an exercise regime is to find something you really enjoy – seems like Rohrback has done just that, and is sharing with everyone else too. Why walk when you can prance?

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