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Antiquarian Treasures: 1776 Illuminated Genealogy Manuscript from Spain

We really do come across the most marvelous and unique books and ephemera here on AbeBooks. Today’s wonderful find of an amazing book is this beautifully bound 1776 legal manuscript, from Spain.



It is hand-lettered by don Ramon Zazo of Ortega, the scribe, historian and official herald and genealogist for the Spanish crown during the reign of Charles III. This lovely illuminated manuscript is bound in torn, nicked but nevertheless gorgeous leather. It boasts remarkable decoration and detail, from its coloured illuminations to the handwritten letters, the gilt on its covers, and the adornments of individual pages. Making reference to the city of Seville, this antiquarian gem, from a time when as much attention was paid to aesthetic as to content, is a dream for any rare book collector. It appears to be a study in genealogy, exploring the lineage and origins of the Spanish name/family Larrea in the 18th century. Regardless, it is certainly a most unusual and beautiful antiquarian book. More pictures below.




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