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Revolutionary Bunny Book Sends Kids to Slumber


File this under “must be too good to be true”.

According to the Telegraph and others, a self-published children’s book is zooming up the bestsellers’ lists due to its reputation for sending children to dreamland quickly and easily. The book is called The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep: A New Way of Getting Children to Sleep by Swedish author and behavioral scientist (and former psychology student) Carl-Johan Forssén Ehrlin, and after reviews from grateful and surprised parents started piling up on Amazon, the book is now purported to be outselling heavy hitters like Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee to take the #1 spot.

With characters like the Heavy-Eyed Owl, Uncle Yawn and the Sleep Snail, the book doesn’t sound very different from any one of the other countless kids’ books intended to help make bedtime easier. But Ehrlin claims there’s more to it than that – he wrote the book with deliberate intentions in mind, and it comes with specific instructions for parents to read the book aloud, and slowly, with a mind on gentle hypnotic suggestion, including the child’s name throughout. According to him, and many, the formula works to lull excited young minds to sleep surprisingly quickly.

As of today, the reviews on Amazon.com look quite divided, with 86% of users scoring the book 4 or 5 stars, but the other 14% all in the one-star camp. There are no two or three-star reviews whatsoever. Snippets from a few of the five-star selections read as follows: “Last night was the first time she tried it. My niece fell asleep halfway into the book!!!!”, “We’ve read countless other stories over the past year to try to get them on the same page with a wind down feeling, but nothing has worked except this book.”, and “My two year old daughter always fights sleep. It normally takes 1 -2 hours, and she was out cold within minutes.”, while the one-star reviews seem to all be satire (“Do not listen to this audiobook while driving – I fell asleep and crashed my car!”) or less-than-credible (“This sounds like meditation, which is linked to evil spirits and Satan!”).

As the parent of an almost-two-year-old with another one on the way, I’m not surprised at all that parents are willing to spend the money (price point seems to be $15-$20 on average) to give it a try. There are few things for terrifying than an overstimulated, overtired child. I’ll be picking it up for our house, and will report back later.

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