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AbeBooks’ Literary Link Lineup


Donald Trump’s new book, secret messages in Harry Potter books and a wonderful essay by author David Sedaris – all in this week’s edition of the Literary Link Lineup:

1. The appeal of magical boarding schools.

2. The Daphne Awards – Celebrates the best book of 50 years ago.

3. The Guardian reports on the sad passing of novelist Jackie Collins.

4. Apparently Salman Rushdie is just like the rest of us says the Globe and Mail.

5. Author David Sedaris talks about A Modest Proposal.

6. Los Angeles Times Jacket Copy says that Donald Trump will publish a new book in October.

7. Harry Potter fans are leaving secret notes in JK Rowling’s books.

8. Huffington Post presents 7 famous novelists who only published one novel.

9. The Guardian blog asked its readers to submit a picture of their favourite book cover. Tell us what your favorite book cover is!

10. Follow this Instagram account: Bookshelf Porn.

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