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AbeBooks’ Literary Link Lineup


1. Swedish crime writer Henning Mankell dies.

2. Bibliophiles around the world reveal their top books and best places to read.

3. The top 10 most beautiful medieval manuscripts.

4. British Politician Jeremy Corbyn’s cultural favorites including his favorite book, his favorite band, poet and author.

5. The New York Times Sunday Book Review talks to Colm Toibin, the author of Nora Webster.

6. A recent outbreak of mold has been discovered on rare books at the Boston Public Library.

7. Is the movie version of The Martian better than the book?

8. Letter written by heroic naval commander Admiral Lord Nelson found hidden away in book for over 200 years.

9. A town in New Zealand, Featherston, has declared a weekend in October to be solely dedicated to celebrating books.

10. Instagram feed to follow: Subway Book Review

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