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Shock, Horror, Terror! Halloween Book Features at AbeBooks

Over the years, we’ve put together some truly spine tingling features all related to horror, vampires, devilish books, tales from the vault – you get the picture. Revisit some of our scariest features – if you dare!


A Brief History of Vampires in Literature
The first instances of vampire tales originally appeared in eastern European folklore.  Some of these stories began to trickle into western European literature in the 18th century, and German and English authors started to put their own spin on the myths.

The Most Devilish Books
Satan, Lucifer, Beelzebub, Mephistopheles, the prince of darkness – call him what you will, but the devil is a such an intriguing force of evil that countless writers across many centuries have woven a devil, the devil or simply demonic themes into their work.

Fear Itself: Books That Go Bump in the Night
What is it about fear, which I’m sure we’d all agree is a negative emotion, that we can’t resist? Why do we come back for more?

Stephen King: The Master of Horror
At the risk of stating the obvious, few authors past or present have achieved the level of success experienced by Stephen King. But then again, few authors are as prolific as Stephen King. With over 350 million copies of more than 70 titles sold worldwide, many adapted to film, television, and even Broadway musicals and comic books, King’s impact on popular culture is irrefutable.

Tales from the Vault: Old-Fashioned Horror Books
Perhaps we should call this feature ‘Scary Tales from Another Era?’ We have delved deep into our vault (well, it’s actually an Internet database but vault sounds far scarier) and dusted off a selection of stories designed to chill the reader to the bone.

Literary Halloween Costumes
Literature contains hundreds of famous characters that are ideal for Halloween from horror and non-horror genres. Distinct characters, period costumes and props are your best bet. Take Wizard of Oz by L Frank Baum for example. We’re spoiled for choice – Dorothy (with a small yappy dog) and the Tinman are particularly recognizable, and the Cowardly Lion would also work if you have acting skills.

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