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Judging a book by its size: Sumo by Helmut Newton

Sumo by Helmut Newton for blog

AbeBooks.com has sold a copy of  Sumo, the aptly named photography book published in 1999, for $12,833 (£8,300). Helmut Newton’s famous book is MASSIVE. It weighs more than 77 pounds (35 kilos), is 19.7 inches x 27.6 inches in size and comes with its own folding metal stand. I love the idea of someone unwrapping this huge book on Christmas morning.

Published by Taschen, the book offers 450 photographs in color and black-and-white of scantily clad fashion models. The copy purchased was one of the 10,000 signed and numbered copies that sold out immediately after publication and have since increased in value on the rare book market.

Eight copies of this huge book are currently offered for sale on the AbeBooks marketplace with prices ranging from $6,000 to more than $13,000.

The good news is that a much cheaper version does exist. June Newton, Helmut’s wife, issued a revised edition in 2009 and prices begin around $85.

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