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How Well Do You Know Harry Potter?

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Harry Potter and Friends

In honor of the release of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, we asked the biggest Harry Potter fan we know (she’s 10 and falls into level 5 – see below) to put together a quiz to test your Harry Potter knowledge. Depending on what level of Potterhead you are will determine how well you do on the quiz.

Potterhead Levels:

Level 1 – Muggle: Have read all of the Harry Potter books and quite enjoyed them

Level 2 – Made the Quidditch team: Have read the books and watched all the movies (loved them)

Level 3 – Exceeds expectations on every N.E.W.T.-level class: Have read the books more than once and can quote entire scenes from any of the eight movies

Level 4 – Can summon a patronus in your sleep: Have read the books multiple times (we’re talking more than 3 times) and have the movies playing on repeat

Level 5 – Future Hogwarts Headmaster: Have read the books, seen all the movies, own an exact replica of Hermione’s wand, have watched the trailer for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them more than 50 times, own all the companion books, have bobbleheads of Harry, Ron and Hermione, own Gryffindor socks, ties and scarves and have dressed up as Hermione for Halloween three years in a row – you get the picture.

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Without further ado, the Harry Potter Quiz:

1. Who wrote Advanced Potion Making?

2. What color is the egg of a Ukrainian Ironbelly?

3. What is Hermione’s wand made of?

4. What is Harry’s daughter’s full name?

5. What is Ron’s number in Quidditch?

6. What color are Arnold’s eyes?

7. At the Quidditch World Cup, Harry buys a pair of omnioculars for himself and who else?

8. What is Voldemort’s mother’s name?

9. When is Ginny’s birthday?

10. What is the Educational Decree no. 28?

If you don’t receive your owl post with the correct answers, come back to this post on July 31, 2016 at 12:01 am – we’ll share the answers then.

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