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Harry Potter Quiz – The Answers


We certainly have Harry Potter on the brain this weekend and can’t wait to devour Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. For those of you who tested your Harry Potter knowledge, here are the correct answers:

Q. Who wrote Advanced Potion Making?
A. Libatius Borage

Q. What color is the egg of a Ukrainian Ironbelly?
A. Turquoise

Q. What is Hermione’s wand made of?
A. Vine wood with a dragon heartstring core

Q. What is Harry’s daughter’s full name?
A. Lilly Luna Potter

Q. What is Ron’s number in Quidditch?
A. 2

Q. What color are Arnold’s eyes?
A. Blue

Q. At the Quidditch World Cup, Harry buys a pair of omnioculars for himself and who else?
A. Ron

Q. What is Voldemort’s mother’s name?
A. Merope Gaunt

Q. When is Ginny’s birthday?
A. August 11, 1981

Q. What is the Educational Decree no. 28?
A. Dolores Jane Umbrige has replaced Albus Dumbledore as head of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

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