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“Disneyana” – Walt Disney Collectibles and Souvenirs

1993 The Disney Villain $350
The Disney Villain from Hyperion Books, signed and inscribed by Disney Animator Mark Mitchell. Additionally laid in is a 1993 Christmas Card from the Walt Disney Company featuring a richly-colored photo of the “Witch Offering Apple” and signed “With Affection, Mark”.


You may not know the term “Disneyana” yet, but you probably know somebody obsessed with it. Maybe they feverishly collect Disneyland souvenirs like collectible Disney mugs, or vintage Disney park guides, maps and tickets. Or perhaps they have a tattoo of Tinkerbell, and an apartment full of vintage Tinkerbell Disney memorabilia to match. They’d be far from alone.

When Walt Disney and his brother Roy launched the Disney Bros. Cartoon studios (which later became Walt Disney Studios) in the mid 1920s, there’s no way they could have known the unstoppable media conglomerate that would one day result. There are many ways to love and experience the magic of Disney and the countless beloved, iconic characters created by the studios. Films, television shows (I fondly remember staying up on Sunday nights in my pajamas to watch “The Wonderful World of Disney”), fan clubs, and of course the theme parks. Disney as a brand has eclipsed what it even means to be a brand, and in the minds of many have truly become nearly synonymous with magic. They’ve done an excellent job of cultivating and preserving the wonder of childhood and bringing it to life again for adults.  The phrases “The Happiest Place on Earth” and “You just won the Superbowl! What are you going to do next?” immediately bring to mind the enormous playgrounds that attract millions and millions of visitors each year. Disneyland  in California opened its doors in 1955. The Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World in Florida followed 16 years later. Disney parks have become far and away the world’s most visited amusement destinations.

That makes for a lot of souvenirs. There are vintage Disney collectibles and Disney theme park souvenirs. There are collectible Disney books, Disney puzzles, masks, finger puppets, original animation cels, clothes, books, original Disney art, and much more.  When people spend time with Disney as children, and feel that magical wonderment, it’s only natural to want to hang on to that feeling, and rekindle the joy through nostalgia. It is small wonder that so many people do collect and display Disney memorabilia.

Here at AbeBooks we are lucky to have quite a wide array of Disneyana on offer. Here is just a small sampling to peruse, or even add to your vintage Disney memorabilia collection. With a collection that includes vintage Bambi handkerchiefs, Pinocchio masks, and a pattern for Cinderella’s apron, you’re sure to find the perfect addition for your collection to help make memories.

1939 Pinocchio Masks $350
Apparently issued in a joint promotion with Gilette, these 5 die-cut masks were free with the purchase of Gilette Blue Blades. The masks are of Pinocchio, Geppetto, Jiminy Cricket, Cleo, and Figaro.


1955 Disney's Donald Duck Original Art Original Disney Art: Matted, 5-panel comic strip featuring Donald Duck talking to his three nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie.

1955 Disney’s Donald Duck Original Art $500
Original Disney Art: Matted, 5-panel comic strip featuring Donald Duck talking to his three nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie.


2014 "Mickey" screenprint by Damien Hirst ~$49,000

2014 “Mickey” screenprint by Damien Hirst ~$49,000
At the request of Disney, Young British Artist Damien Hirst remade Mickey Mouse as one of his iconic series of spot paintings. This is a four-color screenprint of the original 2012 Mickey.


Circa 1950 Original Disney Art $3,300

Circa 1950 Original Disney Art $3,300
Marvelous original watercolor from the Walt Disney Studio. Donald Duck playing the flute, Goofy playing a bucket drum with spoons and Mickey carrying the flag.


1952 Cinderella Apron Pattern $35

1952 Cinderella Apron Pattern $35
Full instructions, pattern and cutting guide to make several versions of Cinderella’s Apron.


1953 Disney Songbook $250

1953 Disney Songbook $250
Songs from Walt Disney’s Cinderella and Walt Disney’s Peter Pan, Published by Walt Disney Music Company, New York


1942 Bambi Hankies $825

1942 Bambi Hankies $825
The story of Bambi is illustrated. Tucked into slits four pages are color printed handkerchiefs – each with a different character (because if you’re reading or watching Bambi – you’re going to need them).


Circa 1940s - 1960s Collectible Disney Matchbooks $33

Circa 1940s – 1960s Collectible Disney Matchbooks $33
Four collectible matchbooks, including two vintage unused gold matchbooks from Disneyland Tobacco Shop


Circa 1950s Cinderella Card Game $32

Circa 1950s Cinderella Card Game $32
Cards in original box, with rules. Cards feature Cinderella and other key players in the the Disney classic. In super condition, a lovely set in original excellent box


1964 Screenplay Mary Poppins Film $7,500

1964 Screenplay Mary Poppins Film $7,500
The original shooting script for the 1964 Disney film Mary Poppins starring the inimitable Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke.


1938 Walt Disney's Dopey (He Don't Talk None) $350

1938 Walt Disney’s Dopey (He Don’t Talk None) $350
Twelve pages including wrappers, each with a full page, full color illustration of Dopey or another of Snow White’s Dwarves. Dopey’s antics are told with six lines of text at the bottom of each of the interior pages.


1957 Let's Build Walt Disney's Disneyland Push Out and Put Together $215

1957 Let’s Build Walt Disney’s Disneyland Push Out and Put Together $215
Portfolio consisting of four sets of punch out items with characters, one set each for Adventureland, Frontierland, Tomorrowland and Fantasyland.


1937 Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse Sky-High $400

1937 Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse Sky-High $400
Rare early Disney book only published in the UK. First UK edition. 4 color plates, many other full-page and smaller textual illustrations. Original laminated pictorial boards.


1951 Alice in Wonderland Children's Album $59

1951 Alice in Wonderland Children’s Album $59A book with twin colour illustrations from the Walt Disney film and 8 musical scores of songs from the film. 20 pages in all.


1936 Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse and His Friends $518

1936 Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse and His Friends $518
Scarce in collectible condition. Shows a Christmas party at Mickey’s house with many favorite characters celebrating and exchanging gifts.


Circa 1940s Pinocchio Jigsaw Puzzle $33

Circa 1940s Pinocchio Jigsaw Puzzle $33
Puzzle complete in original box, with large pieces little fingers can handle. Most nostalgic. Interestingly Pinocchio incorrectly spelt on box, as Pinnochio.


1955 Signed Studio Dye Transfer Print for The Lady and the Tramp $5,500

1955 Signed Studio Dye Transfer Print for The Lady and the Tramp $5,500Rare Walt Disney signed studio dye transfer print cel from the 1955 classic “Lady and the Tramp.” Beautiful full “Walt Disney” signature with a flourish and inscription.


1964 Mary Poppins Travelling Fun Book $52

1964 Mary Poppins Travelling Fun Book $52
Page and pages of games and puzzles. Pictorial cardwraps. Originally only available from Shell Garages.


1933 Original Artboards for Mickey Mouse in King Arthur's Court $5.700

1933 Original Artboards for Mickey Mouse in King Arthur’s Court $5.700
Seven artboards with artwork used in preparing the British edition of “Mickey Mouse in King Arthur’s Court” after the success of the 1933 American edition.


Love vintage Disney books and Disney memorabilia, but didn’t quite see what you’re looking for? Visit our Collections pages to browse more Disney collectibles. There you’ll find everything from affordable Disney souvenirs to the most rare Disney collectibles.  And if you like your Cinderella more murderous than magical, be sure to read our in-depth look into The Gruesome Origins of Classic Fairy Tales (you may wish to sit down, first).

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