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Top 10 most searched for Playboy issues since Hugh Hefner’s death

Aside from books, AbeBooks.com also offers vintage magazines and periodical, including thousands of Playboys. We are seeing more searches for “Playboy” than anything else right now. People are searching for very specific issues and the most popular one is October 1985 when supermodel Jerry Hall was photographed by Annie Leibovitz.

I believe the photoshoot was called ‘Hall of Mirrors’, and involved Hall appearing as a partially wrapped present next to a Christmas tree.

It’s clear that certain issues of Playboy from the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s resonate strongly with people who either read them at the time, or perhaps are discovering them for the first time.

Top 10 Most Searched for Playboy Issues

1 Playboy October 1985 – Jerry Hall photographed by Annie Leibovitz, John De Lorean and Rosanna Arquette interviews

Playboy November 1981 – Playmate Shannon Tweed Simmons (wife of Gene Simmons of Kiss), Vicki La Motta at 51, interview with Italian journalist Oriana Fallaci, David Halberstam on the NBA

3 Playboy January 1979 – 25th anniversary issue with a bunny logo cover, Playmate Candy Loving, Marlon Brando interview

Playboy October 1990 – Melissa Evridge cover, Keifer Sutherland interview, profile of boxer Buster Douglas

Playboy March 1984 – Playmate Donna Speir, Susie Scott cover, profile of playwright Sam Shepard, ‘Betrayal of John Lennon’ article.

Playboy April 1984 – Kathy Shower cover, interview with actress Joan Collins.

Playboy February 1992 – Rachel Williams cover, Playmate Tanya Beyer, interview with actress Jennifer Jason Leigh

Playboy May 1996 – Cindy Crawford cover, interview with author Ray Bradbury

Playboy April 1979 – Rita Lee cover, 300th Playmate Amanda ‘Missy’ Cleveland, feature on ‘Sex in Chicago’

10 Playboy January 1988 – Art Deco cover featuring bunny logo, Playmate Kimberley Conrad, Arnold Schwarzenegger interview

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