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Talking wine with Natalie MacLean

We’re talking wine in the latest AbeBooks podcast. Award-winning wine critic Natalie MacLean joins us to discuss the wonderful world of wine, from the most famous vineyards to wine in literature, $15 wines versus $30 wines, tasting in the digital age, pairings with food, and much more.

Natalie (pictured) is the author of two books about wine – Red, White and Drunk all Over, which is about many areas of the wine business from critics to vineyards and wine shops, and Unquenchable, where Natalie visits the world’s vineyards producing affordable wines and reveals the stories behind these businesses. Natalie is drawn to the people behind the wine world and both books could easily fall into the memoir or travel categories.

In our interview, we learn that Natalie loves literature with wine references, such as The Cask of Amontillado by Edgar Allan Poe – a tale of revenge, wine and catacombs.

Her website is a huge resource for winelovers, full of reviews, ratings and recommendations. Natalie has also recently launched the Unreserved Wine Talk Podcast where she interviews notable people from the wine business, and talks candidly about her experiences in wine. Also Red, White and Drunk all Over is now available as an audio book.

She’s truly bringing wine to a wider audience by avoiding jargon, focusing on affordable wines and telling background stories about the wines being poured into our glasses.

Natalie mentions seven Unusually Great Food and Wine Pairings in the interview and you can find out more here – champers and potato chips anyone?

Unquenchable, Natalie’s book about affordable wines
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