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Found in a storage locker, the X files of America’s top UFO investigator go on sale

Wendelle C Stevens’ membership card for the International UFO Bureau

The archives of America’s leading ufologist, Wendelle C. Stevens, have gone on sale for $35,000 on AbeBooks.com. More than 5,000 photos of UFO sightings, and more than 300 letters, drawings, manuscripts and VHS tapes are included in the vast collection, which also features rare UFO periodicals from the golden age of flying saucer investigation.

A former colonel in the US Air Force, Stevens (1945-2010) studied and investigated UFOs for more than 50 years, and is believed to have created the world’s largest private UFO photo archive. This collection was recovered from a storage locker eight years after Stevens died. Back of Beyond Books, in Moab, Utah, is now offering the archives for sale after going through 24 boxes of materials.

More than 5,000 UFO photos are included in Wendelle C Stevens’ archive

Stevens’ interest in unidentified flying objects began when he was a pilot in the Arctic, where he encountered mysterious radio transmissions while working as part of a classified project to photograph and map the area.

Stevens formally began his UFO investigations after retiring from the US Air Force. In 1979, he published a 4-volume book called UFO… Contact from the Pleiades, which detailed the extraterrestrial experiences of Eduard “Billy” Meier, who claimed to have numerous encounters with alien lifeforms.

For decades, Stevens collected evidence of sightings, and researched and wrote articles on encounters while also speaking at UFO conferences around the world. He was the Director of Investigations for the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO) and a founder of the International UFO Congress.

The UFO periodicals in the archives include Saucers Space & Science, Flying Saucers (Mysteries of the Space Age), Flying Saucer Review, Flying Saucers the Magazine of Space Conquest, Japan Flying Saucer Investigation, Flying Saucer News, and Spacecraft News.

These scarce UFO periodicals illustrate the worldwide interest in UFOs

See the archives.

A painting of what appears to be an abduction is included in the archives
The UFO photos usually feature dates and locations written on the back
The numerous documents include descriptions of encounters and artwork of UFOs
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