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Podcast interview: Doris Moskowitz from Moe’s Books

Doris Moskowitz, owner of Moe’s Books in Berkeley, California

Doris Moskowitz is the owner of Moe’s Books in Berkeley, California. With four floors of books, Moe’s has been a bookselling institution since the 1960s when Berkeley was at the heart of America’s free speech movement and the anti-Vietnam War demonstrations.

We discuss her father, Moe, who founded the store, her mom, Barbara, cigars, hippies, the 1960s, being a working mom, being fired by her father (twice), the nearby university, millennial confusion, and why Moe’s has a huge philosophy section.

Moe’s Books has a long legacy and holds a special place within the bookselling community on the West Coast. Enjoy our podcast interview.

The red and white awning is a landmark on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley
Moe Moskowitz founded the bookshop and his presence can still be felt
The top floor at Moe’s Books features a rare book room
Moe’s Books boasts a vast selection of literature
Doris Moskowitz says young people are stunned when they enter Moe’s for the first time.
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